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Kyoto Golden Pavilion Gold Flakes Matcha

Some 5 yrs back during my first Kyoto Trip, i happened to chance upon this awesome gold flakes matcha from one of the stall at the Golden Pavilion Temple.


So during my recent trip I lugged back 5 pcks of these for my friends n I (if only I have more luggage space).

These matcha are in powder form and cost 1080 yen (abt Sgd $13.50) per pk.


Its easy to brew using either hot, warm or cold water.  The tea is kind of sweeter than normal but it is perfect for  me.

I tried brewing using hot water n it taste awesome.


I also made matcha latte with some Meiji milk. It kind of dilute the sweetness quite abit



whichever why …I am so glad I can enjoy my lovely mini Japan Hours in my little Singapore home.


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