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Japan Trip 2014: Day 0: Singapore to Kansai via KLIA

Its D day n we are all so ready to go.  Flight time is around 9.15pm n we will b transiting thru KLIA before touching down at Osaka Kansai Airport at around 8am.


The services experienced on Malaysia Airline was only passable…..unfortunately. Their service used to b much friendlier n pleasant but in this trip we hardly felt any friendliness anymore. At times we felt like they are the zoo keepers while we are the animals. Well I have to clarify that they wasn’t rude but its just a feeling that got from them.

As usual, I hardly get any sleep on flight n during which I also hardly see flight attendant going their rounds with hydrating liquid.

Thirsty? very!. .. … lucky I am used to keep some drinking water around after meal service.


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